How it Works

How Silver Works

Earn extra income by joining the business.

Welcome to GoldenTravelMarketing. As a representative of GoldenTravelMarketing, you are stepping towards financial independence. Learn more about agency opportunities here.


How Gold Works

As a Golden Travel Marketing representative, you will promote and sell hotels, air tickets, car rentals and activities that allows everyone to be an independent travel agent. This can be a full or part-time career and at any time! Learn more about our amazing income opportunities here.

How Platinum Works

Golden Travel Marketing collaborates with our partner to market and sell, hotel rooms, plane tickets, car rentals and travel activities. Travel enthusiasts can make an incredible source of income with rewards. Learn about our exciting income generating opportunities here.

Apply to be an independent travel agent with us, a world-class online travel business.

For people who would like to work for themselves, in tourism, also for people who have never been in business before. Even if you have never had experience in this field, you will find all the tools you need at for success.

Apply quickly, make money immediately. Launch an online travel business network and recruit new members to join. Register here by filling out the form completely and wait to receive the members code from your representative.


Do you want to invest in building a business from the tourism industry online? You do not need a shop front to trade from, just anywhere with internet coverage.

For those interested in making their own business from very low start-up costs. All you need is a modern PC or IPad and smartphone, with basic IT knowledge. You can easily book hotels, plane tickets, car rentals, package tours (etc). No need to have a location or a store. Work from home or anywhere with internet coverage.  The behavior of most buyers is online from the use of a PC or smartphone. This is widely used for the bookings of hotel rooms, flights, car rentals and other products. If your intentions are to be successful in this business, this opportunity could be great for you, with no need for any experience.