Conditions of Use and Sale

Updated January 10, 2020

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Use of this Platform is governed by these terms and Goldentravelmarketing recommends you to read the terms before using the Platform.

Goldentravelmarketing provides the Goldentravelmarketing Platform and sells products with the terms set forth in this contract.

Conditions of Use

  1. Introduction is run by Golden Travel Marketing Limited (“Goldentravelmarketing”). The conditions below regulate the use of ( “Platform”). Read these terms carefully before using the Platform. By using the Platform, you are bound by these conditions.

The information provided by Goldentravelmarketing on this Platform may only be used for information purposes and for ordering Goldentravelmarketing’s products or services. By using or downloading material or ordering products or services from this Platform, you accept the Conditions of Use and Sale listed below.

Goldentravelmarketing can change the conditions of use and sale of the Platform and you are therefore advised to regularly update yourself of the Conditions of Use and Sale for the Platform. If you do not accept these terms, Goldentravelmarketing advises you not to use this Platform.

  • Privacy Goldentravelmarketing provides specific information about how cookies are handled and you are advised to read this information. To take note of how Goldentravelmarketing uses your information at Goldentravelmarketing refer to Goldentravelmarketing’s privacy policy.
  • Copyright and Ownership of Information and Content Unless otherwise stated in these Conditions of Use and Sale, all information and content available on this Platform is Goldentravelmarketing’s property and all unauthorized use of the Platform violates this agreement and the applicable British and international law. All rights not explicitly granted in these Conditions of Use and Sale are reserved Goldentravelmarketing.

You may not extract and or reuse parts of the content of any of Goldentravelmarketing’s services without our explicit consent. You may not create a database that contains significant elements of any Goldentravelmarketing service (e.g. prices and product listings), without our prior written consent. You must not use robots or similar data gathering and extraction tools to extract and reuse any substantial part of the contents without Goldentravelmarketings consent.

  • Trademarks and Patents Unless stated in these Conditions of Use and Sale, trademarks on the Platform may only be used after written approval from Goldentravelmarketing.

Unless explicitly stated in these Conditions of Use and Sale or agreed in writing, Goldentravelmarketing does not provide any licenses, right of use or other rights to use patents, trademarks or copyrighted material that is property of Goldentravelmarketing or another third party.

  • Your Account When registering on the Platform, you are responsible for entering complete and correct information. You are also responsible for keeping the information updated when using the Platform. You can update your information under “Personal Settings” on the Platform.

By Goldentravelmarketing’s approval of registration, the user receives a login that the user agrees not to disclose to unauthorized persons or organizations and to store in a way that no unauthorized person or organization has access to them. As a user, you are responsible for all activities performed on your account, and that the activities comply with current legislation.

The user must immediately notify Goldentravelmarketing via email to if the user suspects that the login details have been revealed or abused.

It is not allowed to use the Platform in any way that could cause damage or impair the Platform or the experience of the Platform. It is also not allowed to use the Platform for illegal, criminal, or obscene purpose.

  • Links to Other Websites To make this Platform as service-oriented as possible, Goldentravelmarketing includes links to other sites on the Internet. These sites are owned and operated by other parties and Goldentravelmarketing leaves no guarantee and is not responsible for the availability or content of such websites. A link from Goldentravelmarketing’s Platform is no indication that Goldentravelmarketing is liable for such third party or their site.
  • Information Provided to Goldentravelmarketing All comments, information, content, material and similar sent to Goldentravelmarketing through, or otherwise attributable to the Platform, shall be considered confidential and Goldentravelmarketing’s property. By sending such information to Goldentravelmarketing you will disclaim ownership of such material and allow Goldentravelmarketing to use such information, free of charge, in the manner Goldentravelmarketing wishes, also for commercial purposes.
  • Special Conditions Regarding our Products and Services In addition to the Conditions of Use and Sale, Special Conditions for certain products may apply. These Special Conditions are communicated in Goldentravelmarketing, in connection with the Products and Services covered by such Special Conditions. You are advised to carefully read these special conditions before ordering products or services from Goldentravelmarketing.
  • Goldentravelmarketing’s Role Goldentravelmarketing acts both as seller and Platform owner. In cases where Goldentravelmarketing acts as the seller, the Conditions of Use and Sale apply. In cases where Goldentravelmarketing acts as the seller, Goldentravelmarketing is responsible for the sales of the products and deals with any purchase obligation or other problems arising with or in connection with the agreement between the buyer and the seller (Goldentravelmarketing).

Goldentravelmarketing also allows third-party sellers to list and sell their products on the Platform, which is indicated on each product’s detail page. While Goldentravelmarketing only technically facilitates the transactions carried out on the Platform, Goldentravelmarketing is in these cases neither the buyer nor the seller of the seller’s items. Goldentravelmarketing provides a place for sellers and buyers to negotiate and complete transactions. Accordingly, the contract formed at the completion of a sale for these third-party products are only between buyers and sellers. Goldentravelmarketing is not part of such contract nor does Goldentravelmarketing accept any liability for the terms therein and is not the seller’s agent. The seller, in this case, is responsible for the sale of the products and deals with any purchase obligation or other problems arising in connection with the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

  1. Goldentravelmarketing’s Responsibility Goldentravelmarketing will do the utmost to ensure that access to Goldentravelmarketing’s services is continuous and flawless. Because of the nature of the Internet, this cannot be guaranteed. Also, your access to the Platform may be suspended or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services.
  2. Disclaimer Neither Goldentravelmarketing nor its employees, agents, distributors, partners, or similar are liable for any damages or loss pertaining to the information on this Platform. You cannot make any claims against Goldentravelmarketing for the content on this Platform
  3. Changes, Additions, and Termination of Access/ Contract Goldentravelmarketing reserves the right to modify these Terms without notice. You are responsible to regularly check this Policy as it applies to you when you use and shop on the Platform.

Goldentravelmarketing, at its sole discretion, can refuse service or can terminate and suspend your access entirely or partly to this Platform for any reason. This is especially true if you violate any applicable laws, the applicable contractual provisions, our guidelines or our policy.

In the event this agreement between you and Goldentravelmarketing is being terminated or otherwise ceases to apply, the restrictions on the use of this Platform and the above disclaimer, as well as the rules of the governing law and dispute resolution as per below, continue to apply, even though other parts of the agreement stop being in effect.

  1. Entire Agreement If any part of this agreement is deemed void, unlawful or otherwise unenforceable such part shall be considered as a separate part and other parts of the Agreement shall apply on the same terms. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with you, this agreement contains the complete Conditions of Use and Sale between you and Goldentravelmarketing.
  2. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution These Conditions of Use and Sale are governed by British law and any dispute shall be settled in the first instance by the Shoreditch County Court.
  3. Contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Platform, website, and all underlying services are owned and operated by Goldentravelmarketing LTD.

Golden travel marketing LTD, 130 Oldstreet, London EC1V 9BD – Company Number: 11738035

Email: +44 (0) 74-37443-518

Conditions of Sale

  1. Introduction is run by Goldentravelmarketing LTD (11738035) (“Goldentravelmarketing”). The Conditions below regulate purchases on ( “Platform”). Read these terms carefully before purchasing anything on the Platform. By purchasing anything on the Platform, you are bound by these conditions.

The Conditions of Sale below govern the sales on the Platform. To enter into agreements with Goldentravelmarketing you must be over 18 years of age. A product purchase assumes that the customer accepts Goldentravelmarketing’s Terms. A product purchase is considered completed once the receipt page appears on the screen. Any fraud or attempted fraud will be reported to the police. In case of a dispute, Goldentravelmarketing will follow the general recommendations of The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN).

  • To Purchase at Goldentravelmarketing cooperates with retailers and brands that sell products through Goldentravelmarketing’s systems. Goldentravelmarketing’s system takes care of the payment and the shopping experience so that the purchase will go as smoothly and quickly as possible for each customer. As a customer, you can also shop from several Merchants using one shopping cart and one payment solution, while Goldentravelmarketing ensures that orders are fulfilled by the right Merchant.

Goldentravelmarketing acts as a marketplace between customers and Merchants. The products will be shipped directly from the Merchant’s warehouse. It is Goldentravelmarketing’s responsibility that the Merchants Goldentravelmarketing collaborates with maintain high standards and deliver what they promise.

Complaints returns and delivery issues can be addressed directly to the Merchants, but in cases where Goldentravelmarketing is the legal responsible seller, Goldentravelmarketing is always obliged to help you if you have a problem or need help. In cases where Goldentravelmarketing displays products for sale from third-party retailers, which is clearly stated on the product detail page, returns and warranty claims are made directly against those Merchants. Contact information for these Merchants can be found on the Merchant’s page on Goldentravelmarketing’s contact details can be found on

If your order is sent in multiple packages, you may get a separate delivery confirmation for each package and each delivery.

Support for the system should be directed to

Every Merchant has their own specific purchase conditions, but Goldentravelmarketing’s conditions always prevail if they do not conform.

  • How a Purchase is Made When you have selected the products you want, and clicked through to the checkout you first fill in your personal information or log in. Make sure to fill in the correct contact information corresponding to your ID, passport, or driving license. You do not need to create an account to complete the purchase, but it makes it easier if you want to shop with Goldentravelmarketing in the future.

Then select your prefered payment method and fill in the additional fields. Be sure that all of your card or bank details match before clicking to complete the order!

You will receive an order confirmation from Goldentravelmarketing and orders are forwarded to the Merchant’s system, which in turn delivers the product directly to the address that you specified in the order.

  • Prices All prices listed on are in EUR and include VAT. Goldentravelmarketing reserves the right to change prices without notice. Shipping charges are specified in the shopping cart. Goldentravelmarketing is not responsible for typographical errors or other inaccuracies on
  • Payment Terms VAT is included in all prices. No charges are added to the prices displayed in the shopping cart when you make your purchase. You can choose the payment method that suits you best.

No extra fees are added to the shipping charges for purchases where shipping costs are applied.

5.1 Payment Methods Goldentravelmarketing offers several ways to pay your purchase. Invoice, direct transfer, account or card payments. All Goldentravelmarketing’s payments are handled by Goldentravelmarketing’s payment partner, Klarna, to ensure fast and secure payment.

Goldentravelmarketing never saves your credit card information. All information is sent encrypted via SSL/HTTPS, and you can easily check that the communication is properly secure by verifying the certificate in the address bar, as well as making sure the URL starts with “https://”.

Goldentravelmarketing handles personal information in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act. This means that personal data is protected in accordance with the conditions relating to the processing of personal data.

The invoice is sent digitally in connection with the product being shipped from the Merchant.

  • Shipping Costs Shipping costs may apply; however this is always specified on the product page and in your cart. Shipping charges are specified by the Merchant advertising the product, but Goldentravelmarketing will always do its best to coordinate the delivery to reduce the total shipping cost.

For more information please see our Shipping site.

  • Order Acknowledgment and Sales Agreement After Goldentravelmarketing has received your order, Goldentravelmarketing will send you an order confirmation by email containing information about your order. Make it a habit to always check your order confirmation for its correctness. Please contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support in case of any questions. Goldentravelmarketing recommends you to save the order confirmation and to have it available in case of contact with Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support. It is unfortunately not always possible for Goldentravelmarketing to change an order after it has been confirmed, but Goldentravelmarketing will always try its best to assist you.

Your order is an offer to Goldentravelmarketing to buy products from When you order a product from Goldentravelmarketing you receive a message confirming the receipt of your order and the details of the contents of your order (“order confirmation”). The order confirmation validates that Goldentravelmarketing has received your order but does not confirm acceptance of your offer to purchase the product or the ordered services. Goldentravelmarketing only accepts your offer and concludes the sales contract for the ordered product when the product is being shipped to you. You will receive an email confirming that the products have been sent to you (“Delivery Confirmation”).

When you make a Purchase at Goldentravelmarketing you agree to receive invoices and receipts electronically.

Please note that Goldentravelmarketing only sells products in quantities equal to the average needs of an average household. This applies both to the number of products ordered in a single order and placement of multiple orders for the same product where the individual order is an amount that is typical for a normal household.

  • Delivery All products shown on are normally in stock for immediate delivery. The products can be shipped from different geographical locations, depending on the Merchant’s location. Therefore, your order may be dispatched in various shipments. Goldentravelmarketing reserves the right for selling out and for inventory inaccuracies at Goldentravelmarketing’s partners warehouses, as well as any possible price errors that may occur. It may occur that products you have ordered are out of stock and will be backordered. This is due to a failure in stock quantity. Goldentravelmarketing will send an email to you if Goldentravelmarketing has backordered any of your products.

Contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support if you wish to cancel your backorder or if you have questions regarding delivery times, etc. An item on backorder will incur a delay of your order, which gives you the right to cancel your order via Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support at no fees charged. Some parcels may require a valid identification to be picked up at the pickup location. This is the shippers’ terms and conditions, and cannot be avoided. If the recipient of the package lacks a valid ID, the package can unfortunately not be picked up.

Orders are sent directly to the delivery address. Note that Goldentravelmarketing only delivers to addresses in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Denmark.

8.1 Delivery Time Normal delivery from Goldentravelmarketing’s Merchants are 3-5 working days, but can be longer. Detailed information about the delivery time is specified for each product. Prolonged delivery times may occur during high season or in case of high demand. If such occurs you will be notified by email.

  • Unclaimed Packages Goldentravelmarketing always logs IP number when a purchase is made. If any of Goldentravelmarketing’s partners receive packages that have not been collected at the pickup location, Goldentravelmarketing reserves the right to charge you for all costs incurred in connection with such return and also charges a handling fee of up to £25.

Invoices are normally sent out within 3 days from the date the unclaimed parcel is registered at Goldentravelmarketing. If more than 3 unclaimed parcels are registered, the customer will be blocked from shopping at Goldentravelmarketing.

  1. Transport Goldentravelmarketing’s partners have different shipping methods. For detailed shipping and transporting information please see our Shipping site.

If the products are damaged or lost during shipment to the customer, the Merchant will be financially responsible but you must notify Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support within a reasonable time (within 2 months). If products are damaged or lost when you return them, you are financially liable. This does not apply if you return a product due to a complaint, or when a product is incorrectly delivered by the Merchant. In those cases the Merchant is financially responsible.

  1. Returns
  2. 1 Return policy Goldentravelmarketing always offers 14 days cooling-off period from when you have received your product. Note that you must return the product without delay and in any event within 14 days from the date you have notified Goldentravelmarketing of your right to cancel this order through our returns process. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient for you to send the products you wish to return within 14 days. If the right of withdrawal shall apply the products must come back in original condition, i.e. not used.

If an item is incorrectly delivered, Goldentravelmarketing is responsible for the shipping fee to return the product.

The right to return does not cover products that are custom made or made specifically for you. You will always see in the product text if a product is custom made and therefore is not subject to withdrawal. The right of withdrawal does not cover products that are not suitable to return for health and hygiene reasons.

11.2 Repayment Normally it takes up to 14 days from when Goldentravelmarketing has received your return until you receive an eventual refund. In exceptional cases, it can take up to 30 days for a refund, which is the maximum time required by law.

11.3 Return a Purchased Item To return a purchased item, please contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support. Goldentravelmarketing will provide you with instructions on how to return your products. If the shipment contains a return slip, you do not need to contact Goldentravelmarketing before returning the product, instead you may return it using the attached return slip. Note that the return of the products should not be sent to Goldentravelmarketing’s address nor necessarily the address of the company that sent the product. Contact Goldentravelmarketing’s support if you want to return an item, need help with the return address, or have other questions.

If you wish to return your product you will bear the cost for the return unless otherwise stated in the product description or in the delivery note. Contact Goldentravelmarketing If you would like more information about the return cost for a specific product.

11.4 Return Address The return address can normally be found on the delivery note included in your delivery of the product. If you cannot find the return address on the delivery note, you are recommended to contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support. Do not forget to state your order confirmation number or the email address you used for the purchase.

11.5 Complaints/ Faulty Products All Merchants that Goldentravelmarketing cooperates with, guarantee that your ordered products are error-free at delivery. Goldentravelmarketing has reached agreements with all Merchants for direct Customer Support to more quickly expedite your concerns. This means that customers can directly contact the Merchant of the products in the event of complaints, to speed up the handling process. However, you always have the right to contact Goldentravelmarketing with complaints. The Merchant’s and Goldentravelmarketing’s contact information for Customer Support is specified on your order confirmation and usually on the delivery note that comes with the package. If you receive a defect or wrongly supplied product, contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days. This does not affect your right to return a faulty product according to current purchase laws. The Merchant is responsible for the shipping cost in cases of incorrect deliveries and claims.

In claim cases the Merchant will inspect the product and may forward it to its subcontractors for further investigation. Goldentravelmarketing’s Merchants act according to the Consumer Sales Act and Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. Your right to return is regulated by law. Your opinions are highly valued and therefore Goldentravelmarketing ask you to contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support if you have any opinions or concerns.

PLEASE NOTE! VERY IMPORTANT! If you have received a faulty item, it is very important that you contact and receive confirmation from Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support in order for Goldentravelmarketing to be able to help you return the item.

  1. Purchase Safety In order to increase Goldentravelmarketing’s customer security when purchasing, Goldentravelmarketing has in consultation with its security experts decided to implement the following procedures.

Goldentravelmarketing’s internal security system issues a warning if an order is suspected to be fraud. The security system is based on a number of parameters that have been set up by Goldentravelmarketing’s security experts and Goldentravelmarketing’s other partners.

A safety system alert will lead to a cancellation or freeze of an order. In some cases non-fraud orders can be affected.

All suspected cases of fraud will be reported to the police and submitted to Goldentravelmarketing’s security partner for further follow-up.

Products with a high commercial value will always be delivered to the closest service point of the shipping firm regardless of the payment method.

Goldentravelmarketing uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a protocol for secure data transmission over the internet (or other network).

SSL uses digital certificates to validate sender, recipient, or both sender and recipient of the data transfer. A digital certificate is the “tool” used to link the information about an individual or organization for a so-called “public key” (public key) with two purposes:

All SSL certificates for the internet are managed by companies that are verified certificate creators. This also means that all SSL certificates are unique and correctly created.

All applicants for the SSL certificate must prove the company’s or their own identity in order to purchase an SSL certificate.

For consumers, the only requirement to use SSL is that the web browser can handle SSL, which for example the two most widely used web browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox have been able to since long. In addition, it is required that SSL is not disabled in your browser settings.

If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Customer Support.

  1. Changes, Additions and Termination of Access/ Contract Goldentravelmarketing reserves the right to change these Terms without notice. You are therefore responsible for regularly checking this Policies and Terms as they apply to you when you use and shop on the Platform.
  2. Entire Agreement If any part of this agreement is deemed void, illegal or otherwise unenforceable such part shall be considered as a separate part and other parts of the Agreement shall still apply. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with you, this agreement contains the complete Conditions of Use and Sale between you and Goldentravelmarketing.
  3. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution These Terms are governed by Swedish law and any dispute shall be settled in the first instance by the Stockholm District Court.
  4. Contact Goldentravelmarketing’s Platform, website and all underlying services are owned and operated by Goldentravelmarketing LTD.

Golden travel marketing LTD – 130 Old Street London EC1V9BD
United Kingdom